Show Goat Feed Supplements

Purina's show goat feed supplements can help prepare your goats for the show ring. 

High Octane® - Champion Drive® - for goats is a pelleted, high protein moderate energy top dress that conditions skin and hair, and helps to promote muscle tone and shape. It is particularly useful in helping to add definition and shape to the animal's top.

High Octane® - Fitter 35® for goats is a pelleted, high protein, low energy supplement for helping to improve muscling, and trim body fat. High Octane® - Fitter 35® can be used as a top dress for swine, sheep, goats and cattle. It can also be fed as a complete feed for swine when managing weight gain and trimming fat. 

High Octane® - Power Fuel® is an extruded high fat nugget that is very useful for helping to promote body condition and growth performance. High Octane® - Power Fuel® top dress contains 31% crude fat and provides a high level of energy. 

High Octane® - Heavy Weight® for goats is a dry, high fat (70%), water miscible product that contains coconut oil for helping to promote feed intake, fat cover and growth rate. Ruminants can be sensitive to diet changes. When beginning High Octane® - Heavy Weight®, start slow at 2 oz per day and increase slowly at the rate of 2oz every 3 to 5 days.

High Octane® - Depth Charge® is a fill creation product that expands rapidly after ingestion. It is useful for helping to create fill and help promote rib shape. It is also useful in lambs and goats when they are limit fed. 

High Octane® - Fitter 52® supplement is designed as a very high protein supplement affecting leanness and promoting muscle synthesis and definition.  

High Octane® - Alleviate® is formulated to support pH in the digestive systems of show animals. Alleviate® supplement will support gastric and ruminal health for optimal performance. Designed to support proper pH during stressful situations, it will enhance your feeding program and results for pennies per day.