OvuGel® Application and Use Instructions

OvuGel® stimulates the release of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the weaned sow. This leads to ovulation 40-48 hours later. It can be used for the synchronization of time of insemination in weaned sows to facilitation a single fixed-time artificial insemination. 

Directions for Application 

A clean syringe with bottle attachment and 2ml dose capacity is required for administering OvuGel®. 

  1. Attached the OvuGel® bottle to the syringe.
  2. Place the infusion tube onto the syringe. 
  3. Squeeze the handle so all air is forced out of the syringe and infusion tube. OvuGel® should not completely fill the infusion tube. 
  4. Place a protective cover over the infusion tube. 
  5. Insert the infusion tube at a slightly upward angle (just as you would an AI catheter) until you feel a slight resistance, which would be the entry to the cervix. 
  6. Pull back 1/2" (15mm) and administer the OvuGel®.   Note: some sows will accept the entire length of the infusion tube, in these animals, administer the OvuGel® at the deepest point.
  7. Once OvuGel® has been administered, remove the infusion tube from the sow. Remove and dispose of the outer protective sheath. 
  8. Replace the protective sheath and repeat for any additional animals.

Inserting OvuGel® infusion tube.

Option 1 - Weaned Sows
The OvuGel® label recommends administration 96 hours after weaning, it does not matter if sows are exhibiting signs of being "in heat" (standing estrus). The ideal time to breed is 22 hours after OvuGel® is administered. 

Option 2 - For gilts and all other sows ("open" or not bred)
Heat check daily with a boar. When animals are found to be "in heat" (exhibiting standing estrus), immediately administer OvuGel® and follow with the insemination program below: 

Single Dose Protocol -
  • Check sows for standing estrus. 
  • Administer OvuGel® at the first sign of standing estrus. 
  • Insemination 16-22 hours after OvuGel® was administered.
Two Semen Dose Protocol -
  • Check sows for standing estrus. 
  • Administer OvuGel® at the first sign of standing estrus. 
  • Insemination with the first dose of semen 12 hours after OvuGel® was administered.
  • Insemination with the second dose of semen 12 hours after the first insemination. 

More information is available at the OvuGel® website