Canine-EXT Semen Extender for Cryopreserved Semen - Complete Set - Parts A, B, C


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CANINE-EXT™ Semen Extender is designed as a three-part product package for freezing and thawing dog semen for breeding. It is comprised of three components (1) PART A is the initial extension of the semen, (2) PART B is the preparation of the semen for freezing and (3) PART C is the thawing solution used prior to insemination. 

These extenders will require additional ancillary components (egg yolk, glycerol, Equex-STM).  Equex-STM aids in the preservation of semen.  It is a viscous concentrated liquid that is added to certain semen extenders.  Glycerol is used as an additive in freezing extenders as a cryoprotectant-it helps to preserve membrane integrity of the sperm

This item number is for all three components A,B&C

Links To Other Components Needed:

Technical Support and Instructions 

Canine-EXT semen extender - Part A,B & C Instructions