ABT Ethylene Glycol (E.G.) Freeze Solution w/ Sucrose


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ABT Ethylene Glycol (E.G.) Freeze Solution w/ Sucrose is formulated for the direct transfer of embryos after thawing. Rehydration is not required therefore embryos can be kept in the same straw for transfer as they were frozen. ABT offers multiple size packaging with or without sucrose. 

  • 1.5M Ethylene Glycol Freeze is available with or without 0.1M Sucrose
  • Includes Gentamycin as an antibiotic
  • 100% traceable components including certified New Zealand sourced BSA
  • Tight quality control standards equal consistent results
  • Durable EVA packaging with a non-latex needle septum port and removable cap
  • Made in the USA with two decades of experience

Available in these sizes:

RP # 627022 = ABT734 with 0.1M Sucrose 7 ml, Pack of 5
RP # 627019 = ABT234 with 0.1M Sucrose 20 ml Bag
RP # 627018 = ABT034 with 0.1M Sucrose 50 ml Bag


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