CaniPlus Chill LT Dog Semen Extender


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CaniPlus Chill LT dog semen extender is a short term culture medium for canine semen (≤ 10 days). Packaged in 20ml

CaniPlus Chill LT is one of the next generation of canine extenders from Minitube and are 100% animal protein free. An additive prevents the need to add egg yolk and protects the sperm cells during chilled storage. It also protects the sperm cells from damage caused by temperature variations during shipping, prevents oxidative stress and neutralizes degrading metabolites negative effects. Both, CaniPlus Chill ST (short term) and CaniPlus Chill LT (long term) are benefactors of this technology.

All canine extenders have a shelf life of 24 months from date of production when stored at +4°C.

Extenders maintain 70% of initial motility during the given period for storage / transport.