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High Octane® - Alleviate® is formulated to support pH in the digestive systems of show animals. Alleviate® supplement will support gastric and ruminal health for optimal performance. Designed to support proper pH during stressful situations, it will enhance your feeding program and results for pennies per day. 

  • Features
    • Supports gastric and ruminal health for optimal performance
    • Designed to support pH during stressful situations
    • Enhances feeding programs and results for pennies per day
    • Benefits
      • Supports optimal pH in showpigs
      • Supports optimal pH in cattle, lambs and goats fed for exhibition
      • Fed twice per day with normal feedings, or as a snack during periods of stress
      • Helps support optimal feed intake
      • Can be fed to lambs
      • Contains proprietary and exclusive active agent
    • Feeding Rates
      • Cattle - 12 to 24 oz/day
      • Pigs - 2 oz/50 lb bodyweight
      • Lambs - 1 oz/50 lb bodyweight
      • Goats - 1 oz/50 lb bodyweight
      • Poultry - N/A

      Packaged: 20 lb bucket.

      Species: Cattle, Pigs, Lambs, Goats 

      Guaranteed Analysis:

      Crude Protein min 16.0%
      Lysine min 0.75%
      Crude Fat min 4.0%
      Crude Fiber max 10.0%
      Phosphorus min 0.50%
      Copper min 2.50 PPM
      Copper max 3.50 PPM
      Potassium min 0.70%
      Salt min 0.7%
      Salt max 0.15%
      Non-Protein Nitrogen max 14%

      Ingredients: Processed Grain By-Products, Grain Products, Plant Protein Products, Seaweed-Derived Calcium, Calcium, Roughage Products, Magnesium Oxide, Lignin Sulfonate, Animal Fat Preserved with Ethoxyquin, Sucrose, Salt, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Propylene Glycol.