Purina - High Octane® - Ultra Full®


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High Octane® - Ultra Full® is a high fiber supplement formulated with a proprietary ingredient blend in a 1/8" pellet to enhance palatablility and feed intake. Through its controlled, progressive expansion design it helps promote fill targeting the lower body and flank area. 

  • Features
    • Proprietary ingredient blend
    • Progressive expansion design
    • Compliments High Octane® - Depth Charge® supplement
    • Benefits
      • Enhances palatability to help stimulate feed intake
      • Helps support fill through controlled, progressive expansion formulated to result in lower body and flank fill
      • PuriFerm - fungal enzyme to help in the digestibility of fibrous feedstuffs

      Packaged in a 50 lb bag.

      Species: Cattle, Pigs, Lambs and Goats