Swine Boar Semen Collection Supplies Kit - 5 Boar Ejaculates


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A very basic Semen Collection Supplies Kit for on-farm or hobby pork production.

Each kit is designed with the supplies necessary to process 1 boar ejaculate , dilution of each ejaculate with 1L of prepared extender and bottles for storing extended semen. Sold as a 5-Pack (enough for 5 boar ejaculates)

Each ejaculate will make 11-13 doses of semen (depending on volume of boar ejaculate collected) when diluted.

Kit is designed to be used with Basic Collection Hardware Kit - RP 300902

Kit includes:

  1. Pre-Collection Gloves 
  2. Collection Gloves 
  3. Hog Mate spray for boar stimulation.
  4. Collection Bags 
  5. Rubber Bands
  6. Semen Filters
  7. Semen Extender 
  8. Disposable Pipettes
  9. Microscope slides
  10. Microscope cover slips
  11. Extension Bags 
  12. 1,000ml Steam Distilled Water
  13. Bottles and Caps (65 total)